Good times and good eats

My parents came to visit us in Jacksonville this weekend so naturally we took them to all of our favorite restaurants. We pretty much ate like royalty and it was amazing!!
Friday night we ate at Barbara Jeans in Ponte Vedra. It’s this cute little restaurant right on the inter coastal and you can eat outside to enjoy the most beautiful views. They serve country style cooking and seafood dishes to die for. But my favorite is their sweet pumpkin bread. It’s warm and moist and all around delicious. I could eat an entire loaf.


We aren’t exactly the most photogenic family but at least we have fun together.

On Saturday my mom and I ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. It’s a chain resturant but neither of us had been before. I was really impressed. We shared a thin crust meat lovers and enjoyed a fantastic meal for less than 15 bucks! No complaints there.

Saturday night we took my parents to a Mexican place down by the beach called Campeche Bay. It’s Tyler and I’s standard Friday night hangout spot 🙂 It’s really great because it’s very casual and fun but the food is a step up from your standard Mexican chain restaurants. Tyler is particularly fond of their seafood burrito and recommends it to everyone.

And finally after church on Sunday we headed to my favorite spot in Jacksonville. Tacolu!! I’m honestly obsessed with the place. I love the atmosphere and the food is phenomenal. They sell speciality tacos and their prices are great. I normally get one of their tacos and a side of black beans and I’m set. We have taken several people there and all have given their blackened scallop taco a 10 out of 10. If you’re ever in the area it’s a definite must try!


Miss them already!

-blessin hearts

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